Thursday 24 February 2011

Palomino, Costa Caribe de Colombia

Here’s the copy for a flyer we made to help promote our friends Vladimir, Mary, Marc and Julia in Palomino – not to forget the adorable, diabolical young Juanita and Lucas. They are running Pachamama guesthouse and the Fundacion de la Madre educational project. We were really affected by Palomino and these guys – we were sorely tempted to stay there and teach, but unfortunately time is pressing on and we feel we should get back to our families within a few months, so we had to pass.

Palomino is a small, coastal village only 2 hours from Santa Marta - it has a lot to offer in terms of outdoor activities and is a much cheaper option than entering Parque Tayrona. Palomino offers:

- amazing, wild, 10km beach - hardly anyone on it!
- stunning 1.5 hour jungle walk and 2 hour tubing trip down the Palomino river
- beautiful trails into the Sierra Nevadas
- cheap accomodation (under 10,000 pesos)
- friendly local indigenous communities

Palomino is still relatively undeveloped in terms of tourism. It's a good time to visit - you will have the place pretty much to yourself and your tourism can really help the local community. Pachamama is a guest house based in the village, offering hammocks, camping and rooms. The beach is a pretty 20 mins walk from there. The couple that run it are super helpful and can help with tubing and any tours you want to do. They are also running a project to improve the quality of education in the area. The community is crying out for English teachers - if you are a native speaker and have some time to spare, you can get involved straight away. Or you can support the project simply by staying at Pachamama, or taking their tours.

Contact Pachamama
phone 320 406 2092 email,

About the writers of this review:
We are a mid thirties English couple travelling for two years. We have volunteered in several countries around the world, wanting to get under the skin of places and cultures. We have looked for opportunities on the ground, or from recommendations, rather than paying money via a website. This is one of the best opportunities we have found anywhere - you can give real, tangible help immediately; the local communities are friendly and interesting; the nature is absolutely stunning and it's a cheap place to live. If you can volunteer long term, Pachamama will cover many of your costs - speak to them now. If you would like to ask us any questions, feel free to contact us through our blog, see below.

Alex and Tania,

Funny story: when we did the tubing down the river Palomino – an incredible experience by the way, the jungle is absolutely stunning – our german friend Patrick wore nothing but some rather modest bathing shorts. Right through the village, with plenty of locals and indigenous Indians to give slightly bemused admiration from the sidelines. With the inner tube diagonally across his body, he looked pretty much naked. He wasn’t bothered in the slightest.

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