Tuesday 9 June 2009

where are we now

just a quick one to say we are alive and well. for those of you who might be thinking that i have dispensed with Tania along the way ("Alex does this/that" - let alone the Britney-style megolomania that permits me to refer to myself in the 3rd person), we are still very much "an item" and travelling TOGEVA. we find that playing games is the key to tolerance on long bus journeys - we did the place name one (find all place names beginning with a certain letter) for a while and now are getting into "20 questions". Tania seems to know exactly which 80s musicians i like to think of, but will she ever be able to guess in as little as 3 questions, like our friends Nairi and Toby (some friends, they're not even followers of this blog).

we have spent about 3 weeks in Mozambique. we did some hiking / outdoor business in Penha Longa, up in central Moz on the border with Zimbabwe (beautiful) and the rest has been beach action on the southern coast. lovely, but the beach stuff has been decidely un-African.

we did an ocean safari and saw / swam with dolphins, manta rays and 8m whalesharks. i am now up to 18 dives and have seen lots of new stuff in the sea. manta cleaning stations are mental! can handle negative entry straight down to 30m too now, although i did almost burst an eyeball doing so.

so we are now in Maputo, cap of Moz, for a cpl more days and then into SA! 3 weeks left in Africa....

anyway, just wanted to say love to my darling T and to anyone missing us back home x

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