Friday 19 June 2009

swimming with whalesharks in mozambique

you can do it at Tofo, which is on the coast of southern mozambique. probably the best place in the world to see juveniles, 300 of the world's 1,500 total population are there. they are very placid plankton feeders so no danger at all. the young ones are 6-9 metres, adults get up to 18m. i followed one for half an hour, right up close. HIGHLY recommend Tofo as a holiday destination, massive unspoilt beach, good surf, great seafood and excellent diving - and, by european standards at least, pretty reasonably priced. not the most "african" experience we've had - mainly about tourism and diving in Tofo. not a huge amount of integration with locals apart from at the town market, unless you wander into the small villages to get some coconuts. palm trees all around and cheap Tipo (local rum) at 1 pound for half litre. we stayed at Bamboozi backpackers, nice big chalets (25 squid a night, sleep 3) and cheaper huts also available. Bamboozi is better than Fatima's by all accounts. good seafood around this part of Mozambique - you can buy cheaply at the market and braai up at the backpackers.

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