Sunday 1 February 2009

i'm scared

my turn for a lariam dream! well, i guess it was the lariam - could just be my current mental state, i suppose. anyway, it ended with me forcing myself to wake up just as my tormentor slammed their hand on the glass of the door in front of me. i had been stuck in some kind of musical time loop with people following me. didn't get much sleep that night.

the last couple of days have been proper manic. have moved all my stuff into storage - 26 boxes of records, cds and tapes, plus all my music equipment, shelves, books and clothes. it's been knackering but i feel really good about it. thanks to Nej for helping me out - lifesaver, owe you big time. so now i live out of a rucksack.

said bye to my folks, which was a bit chokey - have been (surreptitiously) getting a teensy bit emotional the last few days.

so, this is it. we fly in 5 hours. bring it on.

first stop, Nairobi.

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  1. Living out of a backpack is a very liberating experience - enjoy!!