Friday 27 February 2009


It was my birthday yesterday, so I thought I might write a little something. T’s stuff will be up shortly, sorry about the delay. Ain’t the Amboseli pics great tho?

It was G-R-R-REAT to get so many messages on Facebook – thanks. Does my ego wonders - not that it needs it, mind. I had a mad dream again (Lariam day is Wednesday, but we were late this week) which involved a mythical pub in Burford, called “Sheng Moss”. At breakfast yesterday, I was ruminating on how that name might have come about in my subconscious and thought of Pure Sheng, which some of my colleagues from UEA might remember was a club night organised by an older girl (name?). That led me to think of an event she put on for which she will forever be remembered and admired – by me at least – for the sheer, unbridled gall and ambition she showed in securing DERRICK MAY, no less, as DJ.

She fittingly called the one-off night “Push yer Luck” (I still have the flyer) and it took place at the ICA in Ipswich. IPSWICH!!! ICA stood for Ipswich Caribbean Association, by the way. The room was modest in all respects – admitting a couple of hundred people perhaps - a church hall type of affair. Was Derrick May going to turn up … here?

The decks were raised about 2 foot off the floor, on a small platform. They looked lonely there, in this dimly lit hall that might befit a school disco. I think there actually was a spinning mirror-ball attached to the ceiling. A few hardcore techno enthusiasts milled about (Andy Mills was one of them), not totally convinced that anything was going to happen. And then suddenly, in a whirlwind, the man himself appeared and took us (cliché alert) to another place. He started with Glenn Underground’s white label remix of “I Feel Love” (I think it was ’93 or thereabouts), almost immediately going into his electrifying, syncopated cutting and EQing routine.

It was unbelievable. It was the second time I’d seen him (once before at Ministry of Sound) , but it was the first time I had really got into what he was doing on the decks and the only time I’ve ever seen him really up close. When he was done, some hours later, he did this magic wave across his face, as if he would disappear behind it. “And like that … he was gone!”

Anyway …. thanks for indulging me that trip down memory lane.


  1. I was there too. great night. Push wasn't a one off though but a series of parties and I went too them all! Other notable acts were dj's like Matthew b and a live set by Plaid Still the best club night ever.

    1. I just came across the flyer for this night also. I went to all these parties and was abit of a spin dizzy shop groupie. This night was one of the best and Derrick May was astounding.