Sunday 28 November 2010

Is that Venus??

In this photo, taken on the 2nd January this year, of the moon over the ocean at Woolgoolga (about 6 hours up north from Sydney on the east coast of Australia), I've circled two objects in the sky, to the right of the moon and down a bit:

In my Children's Handbook of Astrology, I read that stars in the sky can appear either blue or red depending on the speed or distance or something of their travel in space (sorry that's a bit vague, it was a long time ago). If you click on the image, you might be able to see that the object on the left is slightly red and the one on the right slightly blue. I zoomed in on the object on the right (to about 600%), but it didn't look like a star. Is it a marble? Is it a bouncy ball? Or could it be Venus?:

In which case, could the reddish object on the left be an overexposed image of Mars?

Next week: Is that Uranus?

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