Tuesday 9 March 2010

What Are We Up To And Where Have We Been Since Vietnam?

Hiya. Tania’s catching up with the rest of the details of our tour of South East Asia - our month in Cambodia; our return to Thailand, where we finally found the idyllic Thai island life we’d been looking for; and finishing off with a month in Vietnam.

Since then, we’ve had a month in Australia, 12 days in New Zealand and a month in California. These places have been dramatically more expensive than South East Asia and we have relied heavily on the hospitality and generosity of our friends. I may have even put on a little weight!

We’d like to publicly thank all the people who’ve put us up on this part of the trip:

• Naz, Michelle and little Zach
• Jon Lawrence and his family
• Christina, Wiki, Lucas and Levi
• Eytan and Debbie
• Duncan, Andrea and Luke
• Janek and Ania

A special extra massive thanks to Jan and Ania, at whose place you would think we have well overstayed our welcome, but apparently haven’t. They have been SO nice to us and the food has been absolutely unbelievable – Ania rocks the kitchen like a delicious and devastating hurricane.

So thanks a huge bunch, guys. We love you and are ever so grateful. Whenever you need a place to stay, we hope you will give us a shout.

In New Zealand, we travelled around under our own steam, in a hybrid camper van type thing called a Spaceship, which was fun, if a little cramped sometimes (I may have had the odd tantrum). Check them out if you ever go – the new model is apparently much more fuel-efficient and they have inbuilt GPS on which you can see other Spaceship travellers. Out of season you can get the price right down, some reckoned to $25 a day!
PS If you decide to use them in NZ, Oz or even the UK, quote this code for one day's free hire: 4321AS

Here’s a map, showing our route since we arrived in Sydney:

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