Sunday 29 March 2009

Pamoja Trust Farewell

How much help we could really be would always be in question. They certainly didn’t learn as much from me as I did from them, although Alex had a queue of people wanting him to do to their computer what he’d done for others. But that was not reflected in their send off for us, which was as appreciative as I’ve ever experienced in my entire working life. Four weeks goes quickly, but it’s long enough to develop a routine that can only properly be appreciated when it’s over. I would miss the good-mornings and the have-a-good-evenings with familiar faces, not least that of Weldon the security guard who greeted us with as much enthusiasm as my family does.

The most important things we have learnt from doing our first internship is that it is easier to be a burden to the organisation than it is to be a help, and that helping people, really helping them, is far harder than I'd expected.

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